Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler-H6

The Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler adopts advanced full premixed combustion technology to achieve super high utilization of fuel, and the operating efficiency is increased by more than 15% compared with ordinary boilers. The integrated structure design reduces the floor space by more than 30%. It is the preferred equipment for energy-saving heating in hotels, shopping malls and schools.

 Rated thermal power: 0.7-2.8Mw

 Rated thermal efficiency: 97.2-106%

 Pressure: 0.1MPa

 Available fuel: natural gas


  1. Ultra high heat transfer efficiencyThe winged heat exchange element, the unique tear groove design increases the heat exchange area by 5 times, and the heat transfer efficiency is superior.
  2. Compact structure and small sizeBy optimizing and improving the boiler and burner structure, the boiler body is greatly reduced to only 40% of the volume of an ordinary hot water boiler.
  3. Very simple installationBoiler installation design, in-plant commissioning, user site only need to install in and out of water pipes, chimneys, gas pipes and power, you can use.
  4. Ultra low nitrogen emissionsEffective control of pollutant emissions through the use of full premixed combustion technology and condensate at the end of the boiler.

H6 Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler Anatomy

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