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Fuel Fire Tube Boiler Introduction Fuel fire tube boiler is sub-project of high efficiency (up to 95% thermal efficiency) and eco-friendly boiler under China’s 13th Five-Year Plan. In addition to the advantages of WNS serie

Fuel Fire Tube Boiler Introduction

Fuel fire tube boiler is a kind of boiler that is mainly used for electricity generation and industrial heating. The fuel fire tube boiler, in general, has the following characteristics:

  • The use of waste heat to drive the steam turbine generator;
  • Steam turbine generator with low pressure steam as the working medium (generally below 10MPa);
  • Fuel fired heating system consists of two parts: the firing part and combustion air supply means;

Fuel Fire Tube Boiler Price

The price of a fuel fire tube boiler is not too expensive, but it is not cheap. If you want to buy a high-quality and good-quality fuel fire tube boiler, it is necessary to spend money on it.

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Fuel Fire Tube Boiler Process

The fuel fire tube boiler process is a method of producing steam and generating electricity. The process begins with the combustion of coal, which produces heat in the form of steam. The steam then passes through a turbine, where it spins a generator to produce electricity.

Fuel Fire Tube Boiler Features

Fuel Fire Tube Boiler Features

Fuel fire tube boilers are the most common form of steam boiler in the world. They are easy to operate and maintain, and can be built to meet almost any size or pressure requirement. They are also very durable, with some units operating more than 50 years without significant repairs or replacement parts.

Which type of fuel is used in fire tube boiler?

The most common types of fuel used in a fire tube boiler are wood, peat, coal, oil and gas. Wood is the most common fuel in developing countries. It is also used because it is readily available and relatively inexpensive compared to other sources of energy. Since wood burns at low temperatures (around 400°C), the heat transfer area inside the furnace will be small and there will be less steam produced per unit mass of fuel burned than with higher-temperature fuels such as coal or oil. This results in lower efficiency but also means that there are fewer emissions released into the atmosphere from burning such fuels compared with more traditional forms such as coal or oil which produce much more pollution when combusted at high temperatures

What is ErP boiler?

What is ErP boiler?

ErP boiler stands for Energy Related Products. It is a European Union regulation that has been implemented in order to reduce the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of all equipment used by the industry.

What is difference between water tube boiler and fire-tube boiler?

The difference between water tube boiler and fire tube boiler is that the former has a water-tube firebox and the latter has a fire-tube firebox.

  • Water Tube Boiler: In this type of boiler, tubes are made up of copper or steel. The tubes pass through the furnace wall in order to allow heat transfer from burnt gases to water inside them.
  • Fire Tube Boiler: Here, tubes are made up of steel and they carry hot exhaust gases from combustion chamber at one end and cold air enters into them at other end for combustion process in order to generate steam pressure within it which powers the turbine connected with it.
advantage of fire tube boiler
advantage of fire tube boiler

What is the advantage of fire tube boiler?

Fire tube boilers are more efficient than water tube boilers. This is because they have a smaller thermal inertia and higher heat transfer rate.

Fire tube boilers are also more compact than water tube boilers. They can be installed in smaller spaces, which results in savings on installation costs.

Fire tube boilers are easier to maintain than water tube boilers because they have fewer parts that need repair or replacement.

  • Low investment
  • Saving space
  • Low operation cost
  • Efficient water-cycle management


Where are fire tube boilers used?

Fire tube boilers are used in a variety of industrial applications. Power plants, for instance, require large amounts of steam for the generation of electricity. Industrial boilers can produce millions of gallons of steam per day and have a lifespan that spans decades. Some have been in operation for almost 100 years!

Fire Tube Boilers also find their way into commercial buildings such as hotels or hospitals where they’re used to provide hot water to showers or through radiators or baseboard heaters. With the ability to produce enough energy to keep hundreds of people comfortable at once, fire tube boilers are perfect for large-scale applications like these.

They’re not just limited to commercial buildings either; some homeowners opt for fire tube boilers when they want more control over their heating needs than an electric furnace can offer them. The ability to determine how much heat they need allows homeowners who live in cold climates (where temperatures drop well below zero) ensure that they’ll never be without heat when it’s most needed – even if power outages occur during colder months which can cause disruption with other types of heating systems thanks to lackadaisical maintenance practices on behalf of those responsible for maintaining infrastructure across America

Which is better fire tube or water tube?

Fire tube boilers are more efficient than water tube boilers, which makes them the better choice for your home or business.
  • A fire tube boiler has a higher thermal efficiency than a water tube boiler.
  • It also has a better heat transfer coefficient because it doesn’t have any insulation around it like water tubes do.

What is the disadvantage of fire tube boiler?

The fire tube boiler is used to generate steam or hot water. The fire tube boiler is a horizontal cylinder and it has many tubes that carry hot products from the furnace.

The main disadvantage of this type of boiler is its limited size, since it’s quite small in size compared to other types of boilers.

What is fire tube boiler example?

A fire tube boiler is a type of boiler in which hot gases pass from a fire through one or (many) more tubes running through a sealed container of water.

The heat of the gases is transferred through the walls of the tubes by thermal radiation, convection, and conduction which causes the water to boil and generate steam.


The fuel fire tube boiler is a boiler that uses natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, city gas, diesel and other fuels as fuel. It has low operating costs and can be used in many different industries. The purchase of the equipment should pay attention to the following four points:

  • Selecting a fuel fire tube boiler manufacturer with an excellent reputation will ensure the quality of the equipment, such as Zhengzhou FangKuai Boiler Co., Ltd., which has more than 30 years of manufacturing experience and has obtained multiple safety certifications for boilers;
  • In order to avoid overspending on purchasing equipment, it is recommended that customers decide the scale of use and their own needs before deciding on boiler manufacturers;
  • Consultation with various manufacturers of fuel fire tube boilers can help you choose better products at lower prices;
  • Zhengzhou FangKuai Boiler Co., Ltd.’s after-sales service allows you to save time and money by providing professional guidance during installation and maintenance.

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