800kw gas hot water boiler price


A gas hot water boiler is a piece of equipment that heats water to supply it to your home. The system is powered by natural gas, and it’s most often used in homes with central heating systems. Gas boilers heat up the water in your home and can be used in combination with tankless or indirect electric hot water heaters. They’re more efficient than electric systems, which allow you to save money on your energy bills over time. If you’re looking for information about installing a new gas boiler, here are some things you should know:

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Get a fixed online price now in 20 seconds by clicking here

What are the advantages of gas hot water boilers?

  • Efficiency. Gas hot water boilers are more efficient than electric boilers, especially when it comes to using electricity for heating. When you use an electric boiler, the energy is sent directly to the water tank via a pump or circulation system. Because there are no combustion gases involved in this process, there is no waste heat to counteract your energy consumption. With a gas unit, however, you’re able to harness that wasted heat and use it as part of your heating system’s overall efficiency; plus, since it’s generated on-site by burning natural gas (versus being produced by coal or oil), you won’t be contributing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere either!
  • Reliability. Electric hot water systems have moving parts that can wear out over time—not so with those powered by natural gas! This makes these units great choices for people who may not have much experience maintaining their own appliances because they’re generally easier to work with than those containing motorized components like compressors or pumps.”

How much does a new gas hot water boiler cost?

The average cost of a gas hot water boiler installation is £1,000. The price for a new gas hot water boiler installation varies depending on the size of the boiler and any additional features that you choose to add to it.

The cost of a new gas hot water boiler depends on its size and what additional features you choose to add, such as an auto-switch system or room thermostat. For example, if you have an existing electric storage tank heated by immersion heater then replacing this with a new mains pressure cylinder system will require replacing copper pipe work around your home. This will be more expensive than installing a combi-boiler because it involves drilling through walls and floors in order to get it into position correctly.

best rated gas hot water boilers

Gas hot water boilers are a popular choice for homes. They are easy to install and can be used with a wide range of heating systems, making them versatile in the home. There are many different makes, models and sizes available on the market today and it can be challenging to know which one is right for you.

The best rated gas hot water boilers include:Gas Fired Integrated Hot Water BoilerGas Fired Vacuum Hot Water Boiler.

cost of fitting a gas boiler

When you’re wondering how much does a gas hot water boiler cost UK, Australia, Canada or India you need to take into consideration several factors. A new boiler will usually have an installation fee and any additional materials that may be needed such as pipes and fittings. You should also see if there are any additional costs for drilling holes or removing existing boilers before your new one can be fitted. There may also be fees for additional work required such as replacing insulation or soundproofing walls where the old boiler was located. All these factors affect the final price of fitting a new one so it’s important to get quotes from different installers before making any decisions on which company to choose as they all vary in their pricing structures too!

If budget isn’t an issue then choosing an electric hot water system might save money on installation but is likely only worth considering if no other option is available due to space constraints (as they require more room than gas ones do). However if money isn’t an issue then having both types installed at once could be beneficial because then there would be no need for maintenance over time since everything would already have been installed correctly beforehand!

How long do gas hot water boilers last?

Gas hot water boilers are much more reliable than electric boilers, and can last well beyond 20 years. Gas boilers are also more efficient than electric units and require less maintenance overall. However, the main reason to choose a gas model is their cost effectiveness over time. In addition to saving you money on your energy bills in the long term, gas hot water boilers are also better for the environment because they produce less carbon dioxide when it’s used to generate heat compared with electricity produced from fossil fuels like coal or natural gas.

What is the most reliable gas hot water boiler?

When choosing a gas boiler, reliability is an important factor to consider. Reliability is determined by the number of breakdowns per year. The most reliable boilers are those that have a high number of breakdowns per year, while the least reliable boilers are those that have fewer breakdowns per year.

How much does a gas hote water boiler cost UK?

The cost of a 1kW gas hot water boiler varies widely depending on the brand, size, and general features. Prices are also dependent on where you live. However, as a rough guide you can expect to pay around £1,000 for a high-quality brand name model with all the necessary features such as an energy efficient condensing system and twin-circuit operation which allows for more flexible installation options.


Gas hot water boilers are a great way to heat your home. They are cheaper than electric units, which means they can save you money on your heating bill while still providing efficient heating. You’ll also need less space with a gas boiler because they don’t require as much electricity as an electric unit would use up in the same amount of time!

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